Welcome to my realm….

….my realm of sensuous beauty, divine deviousness & fiery affection.

I’m a creature of a passionate and lustful journey, thriving in the beauty of the world and seeking those to share it with.   As I approach this wonderful time in my life of maturity and wisdom,  I desire to connect with friends on every level.

Tall and curvy with an appetite for carnal decadence, I love to show off my deliciously curvaceous figure via my extensive lingerie collection.  

Sultry blue eyes, soft raven hair with a smile that will melt your heart….a woman you won’t be able to soon forget.

As you breathe in my scent, you will know that it is I you have been longing for, pining for and finally, you are here.  Let’s let go of the outside world and allow ourselves to be at ease, be it for an hour or a day.

Take a moment and give yourself the gift of relaxation, beauty and passion for everything you have worked so hard for.

Your time spent with me will linger with you for days to follow and bring many wonderful feelings every time you look back…